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    SHAMSHIR is a Human Rights Campaign initially based in Adelaide, South Australia from 2009, and spreading it wings since then. As a multi-faceted group that has and will continue to strive to work for diverse social causes in one way or the other.

    SHAMSHIR, nationally and internationally, till date has stood up for causes like- Family and Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Assault against Women and Children.

    SHAMSHIR’s initiatives such as The Dark Campaign, Mini Me Project for kids, WOW – Women of Wondrous Worth, Open Shutters and Sending Out Strength are aimed to reflect on the damage(s) that these social evils have on not only women but  men, children, families and communities as a whole.

    In addition, Team SHAMSHIR has successfully voiced for ‘Gender Equality’ by connecting young girls and women to sports such as Cricket through SACA (South Australian Cricket Association) and Footy via SANFL (South Australian National Football League).

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Shamshir’s Dark Projects


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We at SHAMSHIR made an everlasting impact on the society with our MINI ME Project.

Our modern awareness of abuse and assault with children is more than likely because of the far increased communication means we have available on top of what occurs in group dynamics – but still seen as a taboo topic.  It is quite possible it rarely comes to the fore in smaller groups, be it at political parliamentary levels, in school grounds or just in smaller communities where the dog eat dog syndrome can come to the fore.

For certain the use of the internet and associated communication modes has seen assault occur possibly even more and it does seem a shame that where we have moderators of various forums, they too can become part of the problem by their reluctance to stamp it out.

SHAMSHIR’s MINI ME Project emphasise the need of creating awareness primarily among the children and also enlightening the audience about the various legalities related to the issue. Believing it important for the law enforcement agencies to take pre-emptive action to prevent the crimes like sexual assault. We aim to take various actions that the various agencies can take against to avoid such social problems from happening.

SHAMSHIR initiated a new a mission to acknowledge and share the extraordinary stories of extra extraordinary women around us which can inspire us all to make a bigger impact – Women of Wondrous Worth (formally known as Women Of the World).

WOW, is a dream come true that designs the social humanitarian network of tomorrow to bring women together around great causes and make those unimaginable, yet measurable changes, with a belief in empowering beautiful and strong women, to stand up for their own and others dreams and make them become reality through collaboration and empathy.

WOW has created a platform that has allowed many other to have their voices and stories heard, having women help each other succeed. The WOW event held in South Australia are evenings of celebration to mark the International’s Women Day, with an aim to be inspired by ordinary women doing extraordinary things.


Open Shutters – A Photography Competition – with an aim to Open Shutters to Close Social Stigma.


This Competition is a social project which is initiated by SHAMSHIR, LAS Foundation (Liberian Association Service Foundation) and SELLA (South Eastern Liberian Australian Association).

We’re looking for photographs that depict
a)      Violence against Women is Never OK
NO to Child Sexual Assault.
b)      The free contest aims at developing and expanding the awareness on a campaign mission through different visual representations.
c)      The participant should portrait the chosen theme via photography. The visual representation can foster empathy for suffering and experience of others, community engagement and positive social change.
d)      The submitted photos must be unpublished and original


Registration Info: – shamshir.net@hotmail.com

This fashion show will focus on Domestic Violence Awareness while voicing the SEE OUR SCARSto SPEAK OUR SCARS spirit to all. This event will include male & female modelswalking in various styles. This show will be special, because most of the models are survivors of domestic violence taking to the runway to show that they are not victims anymore; they are not just survivors; they are over-comers and they are beautiful.

This event also includes vendors, raffles, networking, and more.

Advocates will be on site to offer detailed information and assistance if needed.

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Founder of SHAMSHIR, that seeks to break the social stigma around difficult topics through sensitive discussion, Saru Rana internationally launched a project to educate children about bullying and abuse, and is now part of an international campaign aimed at bringing greater safety and beauty to multicultural communities.
Saru arrived Australia in the year 2009 as a student. Born to a Muslim mother, Sikh father and married to an Australian, Saru blooms in her secularism from her very own family – breaking all cultural barriers.
A media professional as the Head of ‘The Indian Sun’ – Adelaide edition, and a women’s rights activist, Saru Rana has also been integral in recruiting girls to become an equal part of the Woolworths cricket blast initiative at Northfield registering over 700 multicultural children to play cricket. With a focus on gender equality in sports Saru had recently formed the first African Girls Cricket Team in South Australia.
She advocates for women’s involvement in sports and is the first Female captain of Team India in the Nations Cup Festival organised by SANFL. Saru is appointed as the first ever Indian Australian female to be a committee member for Multicultural Cricket Advisory Committee of South Australia (MCACSA) and a Multicultural Community Ambassador 2019 for SANFL. She is also a Community Ambassador at Catherine House – Support for Women Experiencing Homelessness and is considered to be the flag bearer of multiculturalism, gender equality and a Winifred in knitting together diverse communities.
She had been awarded with Governor’s Multicultural Award 2018, Pride of Australia 2019, Irene Bell Award 2020 and Irene Krastev Award 2020.
Currently residing in Adelaide, Saru, closely works with and for victims of any form of domestic violence and is very well acquainted in various state based associations that stand for similar social causes.

Saru, has also been involved in various charity projects that support needy students and new migrants to initiate fundraisers to support them financially. Saru Rana, is a well-known name in the community for all the good she has ever done and promises to keep doing.

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Phone 1: +61 411 194 979